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Strand House

This is a holiday house by the beach at Rosslare Strand. The view to the east, across the Irish sea provides a calm and uninterrupted prospect to the horizon. The house is laid out in parallel setbacks, making further layers relating to the lines of the road, the dunes, the beach, high and low tide, the waves, the horizon.

The house is designed to take advantage of the conditions of the site; with views to the sea to east and sheltered gardens to the west. The terrace at first floor living room level is sited to provide sunlight and sea views, and is screened to the south to protect the privacy of the adjacent house across the right-of-way. The lower level bedroom floor makes a base for the living room/outdoor terrace level above. The bedrooms open onto a raised sea terrace, protected from the road by a fuchsia hedge planted within the structure of the retaining wall. The bulk of the house reduces as it rises to the first floor, to be in scale with neighbouring houses. The building line of the proposed house has been carefully controlled to correspond with ridge heights of neighbouring houses and to maintain views and light from existing windows.

The house is built in concrete, in direct reference to the raw materials of the surrounding landscape, relating to the sand, sea shells and pebbles stones of Rosslare Strand.

Rosslare, County Wexford
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