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100 Contemporary Brick Buildings, Taschen, LSE Student Centre


Brick 16, Wienerberger Brick Awards, LSE Student Centre

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Practical Poetics in Architecture, LSE & CEU Leon Van Schaik
Winners & Finalists: European Union Prize For Contemporary Architecture – Mies Van der Rohe Award 2015, Fundacio Mies Van der Rohe Barcelona
Shortlisted & Nominees: European Union Prize For Contemporary Architecture – Mies Van der Rohe Award 2015, Fundacio Mies Van der Rohe Barcelona

Architectural Colour in the Professional Palette, Fiona McLachlan
Dwelling with Architecture, Christopher Platt: Howth House

21 Century London: The New Architecture, Kenneth Powell: LSE Student Centre
Architects Sketchbook, edited by Will Jones: O’Donnell + Tuomey sketches
Architecture of Light, Mary Ann Steane: Ranelagh School
Irish Architecture – The RIAI Annual Review: Timberyard Social Housing
MATERIALpoetry, STUDIOpractice: MATERIALpoetry exhibition

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Basics Architecture 03: Architectural Design, Jane Anderson, AVA Publishing
Concrete Elegance Five, David Bennett: An Gaeláras
Encyclopedia of Detail in Contemporary Residential Architecture, Virginia McLeod: Killiney House
James Stirling and the Red Trilogy, ed. Alan Berman, ‘Why do architects love these buildings?’ – John Tuomey
New Irish Architecture 25, AAI Awards 2010: Timberyard Housing & An Gaeláras Irish Language Centre
Open House Dublin 2010, Irish Architecture Foundation

Cherry Orchard – St. Ultan’s National School 2007
Full Irish – New Architecture in Ireland, Sarah Lappin, Princeton Architectural Press
New Irish Architecture 24, AAI Awards 2009, Gandon Editions: Sean O’Casey Community Centre and Sleeping Giant

Architecture 08: The RIBA Awards, Merrel: Killiney House
Connemara: The last pool of darkness, Tim Robinson
La Resistenza Critica del Moderno, Alberto Caruso, Tarmac Publishing Mendrisio: Laboratory at Abbotstown
Key Contemporary Buildings, Rob Gregory, Laurence King Publishing: Lewis Glucksman Gallery
Looking at European Architecture – A Critical View, I. Murray, Ch. Pourtois, Letterfrack College
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The Lives of Spaces: An Gaeláras at the Venice Biennale
The Provost’s House Stables: Building & Environs: TRIARC, Trinity College, Dublin
The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture, Phaidon Press: Glucksman Gallery

1001 Buildings You Must See Before You Die: The World’s Architectural Masterpieces: Glucksman Gallery
177th Annual Exhibition 2007, Royal Hibernian Academy: Hanging Gardens of Amersfoort
Architecture 07: The RIBA Awards, Merrell
In Your Back Yard, New housing in the City/Suburb/Countryside Exhibition Catalogue
RIAI Awards 2007: Cherry Orchard Primary School
World Architects 51: Concepts and Works, Masayuki Fuchigami, ADP, Tokyo

Modern Ulster Architecture David Evans/Alastair Hall/Mark Hackett/Paul Larmour/Charles Rattray/UAHS

10.10_2 100 Architects 10 Critics Deyan Sudjic selection, Phaidon
Space Architecture for Art, Gemma Tipton edited, Circa

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Rereadings, Graeme Brooker/Sally Stone, RIBA Enterprises
The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture

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New Irish Architecture 18, AAI Awards 2003, Gandon Editions
Mies Van Der Rohe Award for European Architecture 2003, Actar
Off the Radar, Brian Carter and Annette Le Cuyer, Architectural Design

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The Nature of Things, Reykjavik Municipal Art Museum Studio Granda. Catalogue introduction

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Portfolio 1; Making of a Modern Street, Gandon Editions

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New Irish Architecture 5, AAI Awards 1990, Gandon Editions (cover)

New Irish Architecture 3, AAI Awards 1988, Gandon Editions (cover)

Selected Periodicals


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Architecture Ireland, Jan/Feb, RIAI Silver Medal for Housing: Highly Commended
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mondo, Dec/Jan 2014/2015, LSE: The Economics of Lighting

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