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Founding Directors

Sheila O’Donnell FRIAI FRIBA Hon FAIA
B Arch UCD School of Architecture 1976
MA Environmental Design, Royal College of Art London 1988

B Arch (hons) UCD School of Architecture 1976
M Arch UCD School of Architecture 2004


Willie Carey MRIAI
Bsc Arch (hons) UCD 1997
B Arch (hons) UCD 2000

Jeana Gearty MRIAI
Bsc Arch TCD 1995
Dip Arch DIT Bolton St 1995

Mark Grehan MRIAI
Bsc Arch TCD 2004
B Arch DIT 2004


Eimear Hanratty ARB
Bsc Arch UCD 2007
B Arch (hons) UCD 2010

Denise Murray MRIAI
Bsc Arch UCD 1998
B Arch UCD 2001
M Arch UD UCL 2006

Senior Architects

Darragh Collins MRIAI
Dip Arch Tech DIT 2002
Bsc Arch (hons) QUB 2005

Anne Louise Duignan MRIAI
BA Arch (hons) Lincoln Univ. 2002
B Arch (hons) Lincoln Univ. 2004

Jitka Leonard MRIAI
Ing Arch Prague 1992

Andrew Walsh ARB
Dip Arch Tech WIT 1999
B Arch (hons) UoG 2003
M Arch UCL 2006

Henrik Wolterstorff MRIAI
Dip Eng Arch 2002

Project Architects

Brian Barber MRIAI
Bsc Arch UCD 2007
B Arch (hons) UCD 2011

Kate Griffin MRIAI
Bsc Arch UCD 2009
B Arch (hons) UCD 2012

Minesh Patel
B Arch UoN 2010
M Arch UoN 2014

David Williams MRIAI
B Arch (hons) SAUL 2013

Part 2 / Architectural Assistants

James Barry
M Arch UCD 2017

Cormac Friel
Bsc Arch (hons) UCD 2013
M Arch UCD 2016

Eoghan Horgan
Bsc Arch (hons) UCC 2013
M Arch UCC 2016

Ross Ledsham
MA Arch (Hons) UoE 2014
M Arch UoB 2017

Kevin O’Brien
Bsc Arch Tech WIT 2009
Bsc Arch (hons) UCD 2013
M Arch UCD 2016

Finn Wilkie
Bsc Arch UoS 2011
M Arch GSA 2016

Ferdia Kenny
Bsc Arch UCD 2014
M Arch (hons) UCD 2018

Part 1 / Assistants

Christian Smith
B Arch UCD 2018

Yuqi Tang
B Arch UCD 2018

Architectural Technologist

Kylie Braithwaite
Bsc Arch Tech (hons) UoU 2014

Bid Coordinator & Information Manager

Monika Hinz
MJ JUK 2004
Msc CoSc UCD 2014

Office & Communications Manager

Maeve Power
Dip OM DBS 2010
BA GrComm (hons) USW 2014

Administration & Accounts Assistant


Collaborators (since 1988)

Brian Barber,
James Barry,
Kylie Braithwaite,
Jerome Breslin,
Cillian Briody,
Nicky Brock,
Geoff Brouder,
Harriet Browne,
Lorraine Bull,
Elizabeth Burns,
Kate Busby,
Emma Carroll,
Peter Carroll,
Willie Carey,
Susie Carson,
Joyce Chen,
Cameron Clarke,
Sorcha Coleman,
Darragh Collins,
Susan Cogan,
Emma Cooney,
Des Cooper,
James Corboy,
Charlotte Curry,
Cian Deegan,
Will Dimond,
Marcus Donaghy,
Kevin Donovan,
Anne-Louise Duignan,
Paul Durcan,
Rebecca Egan,
Eleanor Figueiredo,
Brian Fitzgerald,
Cormac Friel,
Moritz Fritz,
Jeana Gearty,
Ailbhe Gerrard,
Morwenna Gerrard,
Edin Gicevic,
Jerome Glairoux,
Mark Grehan,
Kate Griffin,
Miguel Guerra Martínez,
Eimear Hanratty,
Linda Hartsema,
Laura Harty,
Monika Hinz,
Jack Hogan,
Donn Holohan,
Sam Holohan,
Eoghan Horgan,
Jonathan Janssens,
Richard Jeffrey,
Chester Kendell,
Jens Kuchenmeister,
Sam Laffin,
Jane Larmour,
Clodagh Latimer,
Ross Ledsham,
Jitka Leonard,
Jim Luke,
My Lundblad,
Fiona McDonald,
Conor Maguire,
Sean Mahon,
Sarah-Jane McGee,
Conor McGowan,
Andrew Morrison,
Conor Murphy,
Denise Murray,
John Murray,
Lachlan Nielsen,
Kevin O’Brien,
Iseult O’Clery,
Tom O’Donnell,
Henrique Couvreur de Oliveira,
Emma O’Neill,
Minesh Patel,
Leroy Patterson,
Thomas Pickert,
Johnny Poland
Maeve Power,
Ciara Reddy,
Mario Reitz,
Adam Richards,
Miguel A. Santamaria,
Beatrix Schmidt,
Lisa Shell,
Lauren Small,
Kirstie Smeaton,
Eoghan Smith,
Brenda Sorohan,
Conor Sreenan,
Triona Stack,
Clément Viroulaud,
Andrew Walsh,
Gary Watkin,
Jeffrey Watson,
Gavin Wheatley,
Finn Wilkie,
David Williams,
Hannah Wilson
Simon Winters,
Henrik Wolterstorff,
Nigel Wynne,

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