Cork Street,

A backland site was opened up when the Coombe By Pass cut through the city pattern. The urban design requirement was for a new street frontage to heal the wounds caused by the road engineering operation. The brief was for 47 dwellings and a street level community room.

Area: 3,800 sqm
Completion: 2009

This project repairs the local landscape by providing a new collective space, built around a former timber yard, making a residential enclave with a sense of place.

The scheme works between the six storey scale proposed in general along the new Cork Street corridor and the smaller scale of the existing houses behind the site. The new buildings are in brick, with hardwood windows and screens to terraces and roof gardens. The windows are offset from each other in the walls to reflect the complexity of the residential accommodation within, and to emphasise the continuity of the brick surface. The walls are modulated with recessed porches and terraces and projecting bay windows to give a depth and complexity to the building’s edge and an interface between the private world of the house and the neighbourhood.

The design provides scale, identity and a piece of living city, connecting new development in the area to the historic character of the Liberties.