International Architecture Biennale Venice 2008


We were talking about the space between us all….
The Beatles 1967

This installation, within the Irish Pavilion group show The Lives of Spaces, is intended to focus attention on the social space of the Irish Language Cultural Centre currently under construction in Derry and due for completion in 2009. The place to start the description of the building is from the centre, which is thought of as an outdoor room locked inside the building form. A glass roofed trapezoidal courtyard that is carved through the four floors of the building with stairs, bridges and platforms crossing and overlooking the central space. Light spills into the central court through an inverted rooflight and the different functions of each floorplate are made legible by the complex overlapping geometries of the structure.

We constructed a white abstracted model of the courtyard space with an inbuilt light and sound installation. The visitor approaches to observe the life of the space within through deliberately placed apertures framing events within the space. On engagement with the model a light and sound sequence is triggered, casting shadows across the interior which illustrate the passing of day into night accompanied by a projected soundscape.