Notations O’Donnell + Tuomey

Notations: O’Donnell + Tuomey
Working Drawings, Saw Swee Hock Student Centre, London School of Economics,
Gall Editions, 2016

Part of a collection of eight individual books that together form a folio of drawings, notes, collages, photographs and appropriated images taken from the notebooks of architects who use them as both reflective and reflexive forms of thinking.

Based on the principle that notebooks provide unique insights into personal worlds of drawing, this publication offers a set of open notations that can be interpreted and experienced as directly as they were drawn and made: unselfconsciously curious about the world.

“Drawing is a test of ideas, a slow motion version of thought, it does not arrive instantly like a photo. The uncertain and imprecise way of constructing a drawing is sometimes a model of how to construct meaning, what ends in clarity does not begin that way”.                                                                     William Kentridge

ISBN 978-0-9954843
Editors: Paul Clarke and Peter Maybury
Design: Peter Maybury
Printing: MM Artbook Printing & Repro
250 Copies