London School of Economics

The Saw Swee Hock Student Centre at the London School of Economics is a multifunctional building with a large music venue, pub, learning cafe, union offices, prayer centre, dance studio, careers library and gym. The project is located at the knuckle-point convergence of the network of narrow streets that characterise the LSE city centre campus. A public space at the threshold of the Student Centre is positioned on axis with St Clement’s Lane, to pull pedestrian street life into and up the building.

Area: 6,000 sqm
Completion Date: 2014

The design intention was to create an active Student Centre, the character of which should be contemporary, inviting, welcoming and even provoking to its users. Inside the building open stairways spiral around the central lift shaft that forms a skewering pivotpoint at the centre of gravity of the plan. These wide stairs with slow steps make a flowing continuous ribbon of movement from street to roof garden, a vertical building working as a single organism.

  • Winding stair concept