Leinster House Press Room

Leinster House,

An existing stairhall to the former College of Art, landlocked within other developments in the northern corner of Leinster House, is converted for audio-visual presentation and a television recording studio.

Groups of school children are introduced to the workings of parliament by educational videos and discussions with their local politicians.

Area: 100 sqm
Completion: 2002

The existing space, approximately nine metres cubed, with a central oval rooflight and a single Georgian door to a covered arcade in the forecourt of Leinster House, had become the left-over space between recent rebuilding works for parliamentary offices and the National Library. The strategy was to insert an auditorium, a democratic space, and to locate technical services and recording studio in its undercroft.

A fragmentary amphitheatre is carved out of portland stone, standing slightly skewed within the exisiting shell, its symmetry distorted by the differently fixed positions of rooflight, door, lectern and projection screen.

01_Leinster House_Photograph
01_Leinster House_Photograph
02_Leinster House_Photograph
03_Leinster House_Photograph
04_Leinster House_Photograph
05_Leinster House_Photograph
07_Leinster House_Drawing
06_Leinster House_Drawing
08_Leinster House_Model
01_Leinster House_Photograph02_Leinster House_Photograph03_Leinster House_Photograph04_Leinster House_Photograph05_Leinster House_Photograph07_Leinster House_Drawing06_Leinster House_Drawing08_Leinster House_Model