Hudson House

County Meath

A narrow, linear garden behind an existing restaurant on Railway Street, Navan, is the site for this new house. The house is designed in response to the client’s particular requirements. They needed to be near to but separate from their work. They had been living over the restaurant and used an exisiting courtyard – the hollowed-out shell of a disused workshop – as an outdoor room.

Area: 110 sqm
Completion: 1998

The house is organised around three courtyards with external circulation between living and sleeping zones. The living space and bedroom tower are positioned on either side of the footprint of the former workshop.

Storey-height retaining walls hold back the higher-level neighbours gardens on either side of the court, the living room roof is on the same level as the adjoining gardens. The cast-in-situ cranked roof gives the living space a cave-like character. Cave, courtyard and tower are the constituent elements of a concrete house excavated from the existing conditions of the site.

01_Hudson House_Photograph
01_Hudson House_Photograph
02_Hudson House_Photograph
03_Hudson House_Photograph
04_Hudson House_Photograph
06_Hudson House_Model
07_Hudson House_Model
09_Hudson House_Model
05_Hudson House_Model
01_Hudson House_Photograph02_Hudson House_Photograph03_Hudson House_Photograph04_Hudson House_Photograph10_Hudson-House_Photograph06_Hudson House_Model07_Hudson House_Model08_Hudson-House_Model09_Hudson House_Model05_Hudson House_Model