Gray House


The Gray House is a new family dwelling in Howth that sits into sloping ground at the end of an existing back garden and overlooking the sea. The split-level form is broken down into a number of blocks of different heights and plan dimensions.

Area: 230 sqm
Completion: 2008

The varying roof levels allow the height of each room to be established according to its proportion and significance in the house. It also allows high level south light to be brought into the central hall. The stepping plan form gives western views and light to the study and main bedroom.

The building is entered from a sheltered forecourt at the existing site level. Kitchen, dining and utility spaces are in a single storey block on the south side – the kitchen/dining room opening onto a large south and west facing terrace. The levels split to the rear following the gradient of the site. Living room, study/den and master bedroom are raised above the level of the kitchen to maximise northerly views to the sea and Howth harbour in the distance. These rooms are linked enfilade to allow a secondary circuit of the house on the north side.

01_Gray House_Photograph
01_Gray House_Photograph
02_Gray House_Photograph
03_Gray House_Photograph
04_Gray House_Photograph
06_Gray House_Sketch
05_Gray House_Sketch
01_Gray House_Photograph02_Gray House_Photograph03_Gray House_Photograph04_Gray House_Photograph06_Gray House_Sketch05_Gray House_Sketch00_09_Gray-House_Model10_Gray-House_Drawing11_Gray-House_Drawing