Cherry Orchard School

Cherry Orchard,

The location of this primary school for 500 children is in a large suburban housing area with few facilities, where social deprivation is widespread. Welfare facilities and an after school care unit have been incorporated in the brief. This is a pilot project for the Department of Education and Science – a new type of school which will play a wider role in the local community and is open all day.

Area: 4,400 sqm
Completion: 2006

The building takes the form of a school within a walled garden planted with cherry orchards. The school is arranged between a series of courtyards within a high brick garden wall. The brick wall provides shelter and protection to the school and the outdoor play areas, whilst giving the building a strong architectural form on the site. All of the accommodation is two storeys high and the classrooms open on to the garden/playgrounds.

The vaulted concrete roofscape with projecting rainwater gutters reinforce the distinctive form of the building, deterring unauthorised access to the roofs.

01_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph
01_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph
02_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph
03_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph
04_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph
05_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph
06_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph
07_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph
08_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph
09_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph
10_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph
12_Cherry Orchard School_Sketch
01_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph02_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph03_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph04_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph05_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph06_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph07_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph08_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph09_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph10_Cherry Orchard School_Photograph12_Cherry Orchard School_Sketch